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Meet George Jones

Photo of President Daniel Fields Jr & George Jones.

George Jones was hired at CNMC in 1969.  Marchel Smiley first met George at the old hospital on 11th NW.  George attended the Union organizing meeting and said what he & his co-workers wanted most was to be treated with respect at work.   George is the only remaining employee who signed the petition to bring Local 722 into CNMC.

2017 Christmas Party

GREAT turnout for our Union 2017 Christmas Party.  Saturday, December 16, 2017
@ Martin’s Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD.

2017 SEIU 722 Picnic

GREAT turnout for our union picnic at Fort Lincoln Park September 9, 2017.  We had fellow union brother and sisters bring out their families to attend. Thanks to everyone attending and everyone doing their part to make it another successful family picnic.


2017 Labor Day Parade in Greenbelt, MD

Tammie Edwards

SEIU 722 members attended the parade.  The 2017 Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Parade took place on Monday, September 4, from 10am to noon. This years parade marked the 62nd year of the parade.

2017 Scholarship Winners

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IMG 20170822 154459 01
Jeffrey Alexander receiving his scholarship certificate & check.

2016 Christmas Party

GREAT turnout for our union 2016 Christmas Party.  Saturday, December 17, 2016 @ Martin’s Crosswinds in Greenbelts, MD.