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SEIU 722 Christmas Party 2014

Pictures from the Saturday, December 20, 2014 Martin’s Crosswinds in  Greenbelt, MD

Washington Hospital Center News Regarding Bonuses

The bonuses of $750 for full-time and $375 for part-time SEIU represented employees will be given out by Friday, August 8, 2014, if not sooner. To be eligible to receive the bonuses you must have been actively employed at the Hospital by July 8, 2014. If you were on a leave of absence during this time you may not be eligible for the bonus. The checks will be picked up and distributed by your department. The amounts are nets. That means you will get either $750 or $375 after the taxes have been deducted.

Call Outs

We have reached an understanding (Agreement) with the Hospital that members of SEIU, Local 722 do not have to call out for each day they are absent. This means that the first day you call out, you can let your department know how long your absence will be. Example, if I call out on a Monday, I can tell them that I will not be returning until that Thursday. I do not have to call out on Tuesday or Wednesday if I do that. Otherwise, I will have to call out every day to notify them of my absences. Remember, a call out is not two (2) days. A call out is any consecutive period of time. Also, don’t forget to use your two personal days by the last full pay period in December (December 27, 2014).


The Hospital has notified us that they inadvertently deducted parking fees from our members with 25 or more years of service. These fees will be refunded and hopefully in September they will not be deducted. If this does happen please notify us.

Pay Increase

The 2% raise increase will be on the August 1, 2014 checks along with retroactivity back pay to first pay period in June. The signing bonus of $750 for full time and $375 for part time employees will be received on a separate check on August 8, 2014.