Stronger Together



President -   Michael Jeter

Vice President  -  Vanessa Jones

Treasurer/Business Mgr - Orne Banks

MWHC Executive Board

  • Shawna "Tina" Price
  • Leon Reed
  • Eric Young
  • Michelle Hamilton
  • Otis Williams

Children's Exec Board

  • Gloria Bryant
  • James Washington


  • Reuben Harris
  •  Albert Walls
  • Tuesday Fries
  • Ashely Kozlowski

Recording Secretary

Eden Yacob

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President Report

This is probably my final article as the President of SEIU, Local 722.On Saturday, January 15, 2022, the ballots to elect the new Executive Board Members and Trustees were counted. Mr. Michael Jeter was voted in as the new President. I have been working alongside Mr. Jeter for over 12 years and I can honestly say that I believe you voted in a great person to move this union forward.

For Mr. Jeter to succeed he will need your help. Mr. Jeter and the Union as an organization will only be as strong as the membership. More than ever we must come together as an organization. I can not tell you how many times walking the hallways of the hospitals has someone asked me what is the Union going to do for them or what is the Union going to get for them in negotiations. The question is what are you going to do to help the Union get you what you want and deserve? The president is only as strong as the people backing him.

A lot of people believe that they are participating in the Union by simply paying their Union dues. There is an old saying that states, “To get what you want, you must do more than pay your dues.” Yes, dues are important, but more important is your participation in the Union. Participating in rallies, political activities, meetings, job actions, supporting other unions, elections, contract negotiations, are important, just to name a few.

I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other members of the new Executive Board and the Trustees. They are: Vice President - Vanessa Jones; Treasurer/Business Manager - Orne Banks; Recording Secretary - Eden Yacob; Executive Board - MedStar Washington Hospital Center - Shawna “Tina” Price, Leon Reed, Eric Young, Michelle Hamilton and Otis William; continue on Executive Board - Childrens’ National Hospital - Gloria Bryant and James Washington and; Trustees - Reuben Harris, Albert Walls, Tuesday Fries and Ashley Kozlowski.

Again, I would like to thank you all for the support that you have given me and I hope that you triple that amount for Mr. Jeter. Unions today are facing issues, such as COVID, Childcare, reduction in benefits, Healthcare and Safe Working Conditions. We must work together to better these things and sometimes to simply keep them.

This is the beginning of a new year and new leadership. Let’s start them both with a resolution to participate to make them better.

SEIU National AFRAM Caucus Black History Month Celebration

SEIU National AFRAM Caucus Black History Month Celebration will take place via zoom at 2 pm EST on each of the below dates:
Saturday 2/5, 2/12, 2/19 & 2/26
Members are free to register for any / all dates.
Please send the link to all of your members and remind them that we will be hosting on Feb 12th and encourage their participation.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. For more information contact

SEIU Members,

You’re invited to join SEIU Local 500, SEIU 1199, Local 722, SEIU MD/DC Council’s office, SEIU 32BJ, CIRSEIU, NAGE, and Local 400PG for our 2021 Maryland Gubernatorial Forum!  The forum will be held via Zoom and interpretation in both English and Spanish will be offered.


The forum will be on Tuesday, December 14th from 5:30 PM to 8 PM. Please click here to register now.


We’ve invited all the top candidates for the highest office in Maryland to join us. Each candidate will have an opportunity to address us individually. Questions to the candidates will come from a panel of members just like you who will ask the same questions of each candidate.


Reserve your spot now – space will be limited


You won’t want to miss this event, so be sure to register today. Questions? Contact Marshall Jackson at


Looking forward to seeing you on December 14!


**Signed by the political director or other principal of each respective org**

NAACP Scholarships

America is praying for the thousands of essential workers facing and lost to COVID-19 — and for Senate Republicans to find their way and pass the HEROES Act. No matter your faith or political party, add your prayer that the Senate passes the HEROES Act with hazard pay, PPE, layoff protections and funding so essential workers can do our jobs and keep our families safe. --more--


I's never too late. Many of our members have been taking advantage of this free online education benefit. You too can earn an associate degree or certificate—for free! Pay nothing for tuition, fees, or e-books Open to eligible SEIU members and their families (Spouse, Domestic Partner, Children) .

Choose from several online programs offered by Eastern Gateway Community College EGCC welcomes anyone with a high school diploma or GED regardless of past academic performance.

Your college degree is within reach.

Federal, state, and employer grants don’t always cover the full cost of earning a degree online. SEIU is proud to partner with Eastern Gateway Community College to help eligible students fill the financial gap and earn a degree or certificate in: Accounting, Business Management (with a focus on Advertising, Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital and Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, Healthcare Management, Hospitality, Human Resources, Information Systems, Labor Studies, or Programming and Development)

also: Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, Individualized Study, Paralegal, Patient Home Navigator

Read our Frequently Asked Questions at or call 1-855-469-SEIU (7348) toll free to talk to an advisor.

To enroll in Eastern Gateway Community College and receive your SEIU Free College Benefit:

  1. Register or sign in to your SEIU Member account and click Get Started.
  2. Complete the online EGCC application.
  3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit any required verification. Any grant award must be applied to tuition, fees and e-book charges. EGCC’s school code is 007275.
  4. Verify that you have received a high school diploma or equivalent by having official transcripts sent to EGCC.


That’s it!

SEIU Free College Benefit covers the difference between any federal, state, or employer education grants you receive and the cost of tuition, fees, and e-books.

Eligible SEIU members and family members may also enroll in other online programs at EGCC such as Medical Coding, Health Information Management, IT, Fire Science and more, but students may be required to pay for the strict industry-recognized content for some courses. The Free College scholarship will apply to tuition and fees, saving students thousands of dollars.

Take the next step toward your future—apply now!

CNMC Vacation Accruals

As you may recall in March 2020 at the beginning of the COVID – 19 pandemic Children’s Hospital leadership made the decision to increase vacation accrual caps in response to employees not being able to take scheduled vacations due to travel restrictions and the Hospital needing to conserve staff availability in the event of surge.
Many of our members were able to continue earning vacation hours beyond the maximum amount allowed in our collective bargaining agreement. The Hospital is now prepared to reinstate the original vacation accrual caps. Please keep in mind the Article 9.03 Limitation on Accrual of Vacation Leave states the following:
Maximum Accrued and Unused (Years) Hours of Vacation Leave

Hosptial Tenure / Years Full-Time Part-Time
0 - 516080
Over 5 - 10240120
Over 10 - 15320160
Over 15400200

Employees will continue to accrue vacation over these original maximums until October 31, 2020. After October 31, 2020, employees will no longer accrue any additional vacation until their balance is below the above vacation maximums. Employees will have until June 30, 2021 to use any vacation over their maximum. After June 30, 2021 any remaining vacation over the maximum will be paid out to the employee.

Clocking vs Parking

If you are coming to work; clocking in; and going out to move your vehicle, you must change this practice immediately. More and more of our members are receiving disciplines for doing this. Your employer expect that 

when you clock in, you must report to your assigned work area dressed and ready to preform your duties. If you do not do this, the employer consider you to be "stealing time". There are cameras positioned all over and these cameras as well as your badge access is being used against you in these cases. Please consider the consequences of discipline if you are caught doing this.