President's Report - Daniel Field's Jr

It’s my Anniversary!! It has just dawned on me that by the time you receive this Newsletter I will have celebrated my 35th year anniversary with SEIU Local 722. I started my employment with the Local on September 5, 1985. It was my intention at that time to work for the Local no more than five (5) years. Like many of you that work at the hospitals I look up and realize that it has been seven (7) times that amount.

Before I get into disseminating information that I know you should have, I would like to take some time to thank the many of you that have supported me throughout my tenure and have put up with me during my highs and lows, accomplishments and mistakes and my general professional growth. I cannot count or name the numerous friends and associates that I have met, and especially those that just call me out of the blue to check on me. I really appreciate you all.

We are living in some turbulent times. Health Care crisis, COVID – 19, Social and Political unrest, Systemic Racism, Sexism, and many other issues are at the front of our doors. It is more important now than ever that we stay united and we fight to overturn or positively impact these issues. The most obvious way to affect a change is to make sure that you VOTE in the upcoming elections. Not only do you make sure that you vote, but that your entire family, your friends and coworkers also vote. This election is already predicted to have a heavy impact on the makeup of the Supreme Court. An impact that will have an effect on your children, grandchildren, and even your great-grandchildren’s lives. If you need help registering to vote, please contact the Union Office and we will assist you the best that we can.

Now I would like to give you some information on a couple of disciplines that are on the rise at both Hospitals.

First, there has been a rise in disciplines for members coming to work, clocking in and then leaving the building to go move their cars. 

Please stop this immediately. When you clock in you are supposed to be dressed and ready to work. This action can subject you to immediate termination. Believe me the Hospitals cameras actually work, and work well by the way.

Secondly, by cognizant of the amount of tardiness and call outs you have. I suggest that you read your contract, and if nothing else, periodically check your time records, or request in writing the amounts that you have.

Thirdly, the amount of insubordination disciplines is on the rise. Simply put, never refuse to do an assignment unless it is a health or safety hazard to you or someone else. The rule is to perform the assignment and then grieve it. In line with insubordination, please be cognizant of your language on the job. There has been an uprising in profanity, and verbal threats while working. Please think before you act or speak.

The last thing I would like to remind you of, or to reinforce, is your right to Union Representation. If you are called into any meeting, you have a right to know what the meeting is about and to request Union Representation. The employer does not have to remind you of this right. You must request it. One thing that you will notice when called into a meeting is the fact that there are usually two managers in the meeting with you. They have a witness, you need one too. Request a Representative.

Everyone stay safe and healthy. Let’s get ready for the Election


Letter from the Editor



Greetings SEIU Local 722. It's me Marshall Jackson the editor of this newsletter. For those who don't know, I've been a Trauma Tech in the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital for 33 years. I've also been an advocate for member benefits, social and economic justice, as well as involved in community service not just here but across the entire Eastern Region.

Along with keeping you informed of many issues through this monthly newsletter; I sit on the Executive Board and as a Shop Steward I've filed grievances for many of our members at Children's and prepped a few of you for your arbitration cases; I've also helped write contract proposals at Children's, as well as designed and sent you some campaign literature for local 722 supported politicians. Other duties I've been involved in include writing the Black History quiz, finding and lobbying for union as well as private scholarships.

Leading the MD/DC chapter of AFRAM we have adopted several Elementary schools, done fund raisers, purchased uniforms, mentored students, supported their student government programs, sponsored student stores, participated in career day, (F.R.E.D) Father's Read Every Day, backpack give-a-way and more...

As President of the Eastern Region of AFRAM I've been working to get more members involved in the political process where we can make a difference. Whether its voter education or registration, (text "VOTE HEALTH" to 34444 to register to vote and if you are already registered you can request your mail in ballot); I've pushed Census education to make sure every person is counted; Establishing new chapters of AFRAM from here to Maine; Fighting to get our Millennial's a seat at the table; as well as fighting our employers, unions and politicians to define who "Essential Workers" really are.

Well, I wanted to remind everyone about some of the things I've been doing on behalf of working people because my role has been more than many of you have even known. My next endeavor is to give more support to our Local 722 members; and in doing so I plan to take a leave of absence from Children's Hospital to take on a more active role in the office of Local 722.

My commitment to you is that I will provide (to the best of my ability) a stronger partnership with you in an open, honest, transparent approach to a member focused organization, working to improve the working conditions and lives of our members and their families and create a more just and humane society for us all.

I look forward to the challenge ahead of me and will give no less to this endeavor than I have given to the other things I've been working on.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have questions concerns and/or want to join some of the other civic activities I'm involved in. Remember, your vote is you voice. Make it count in November.

2020 SEIU Local 722 Scholarship Winners

A mind is a terrible thin to waste. With that "Motto" we have invited not only our youth to farther their education; we have also encouraged our members to pursue higher education. As a member of SEIU, members are encouraged to visit the "Member Benefits" page of our International Union and take advantage of the free college tuition offered through Eastern Gateway Community College. As society deal with low wage jobs, its up to each individual to determine their future. Furthering your education is needed to elevate yourself into a better economic situation.

Separate to the Eastern Gateway Community College "Free College Tuition", Local 722 awards the Alton Akinsegun scholarship to union members in good standing: current dues payer for 1 year prior to application deadline; who meets the criteria set forth in the application. Alton Akinsegun is the first President of Local 722.

We also award the Marchel Smiley scholarship to children under the age of 23 who has a legal guardian (proof may be required) that is a member of SEIU Local 722 in good standing (current dues payer for 1 year prior to application deadline). The child must meet the criteria set forth in the application.

It's a competitive process and we Thank every person who participated. The following applicants will receive awards:


Kelechi Alozie CNMC Nursing

Andre Taft CNMC Radiology Kenya Worsley WHC Business Management


Emma Gipe : attending Duquesne University studying Pharmacy;

Parent: Mary Gipe - WHC

Michael Jeter II: attending Winston-Salem State University studying Nursing;

Parent Michael Jeter - WHC

Francesca Leonard attending Towson State University studying Music / Health Education;

Parent: Myrlonne Leonard - CNMC

Jessica Mendes attending Stockton University studying Health Science;

Parent: Felix Mendes - WHC

Princess Ornsby attending St Michael School of Allied Health studying to be an LPN;

Parent: Brigitta Nyahn - CNMC Marquise Tucker attending Morgan State University studying Business / Engineering;

Parent: Trenece Meadows - WHC





Union Dues Reimbursement

SEIU Local 722 is very aware that many of or members have been hurting financially as a result of this COVIC - 19 pandemic.

We realize we are living through unprecedented times and we wanted to take on an unprecedented approach to assist our members.

The Executive Board of Local 722 made a decision to not take union dues from the membership for 2 months. This was a decision that has never been made before. Although the decision was made early during the pandemic, it took awhile to the process in place to make it happen. And then there was a glitch in the system.

Both Children's National and Washington Hospital Center agreed to not remove union dues from the paychecks of our members. So far we have not been made aware of any issues with this process at Washington Hospital Center. However, there appeared to have been an issue with the system at Children's National in July; where some members had dues taken out and some members did not.

The system should have been corrected for the August time frame. We request all of our Local 722 members who did have dues taken out of your paychecks in the month of July and August to please send us the following information:

1. Copy of your pay-stubs showing the dues deductions

2. Your current mailing address

3. Phone number to reach you

4. Email address

We will reimburse you the dues that were taken out for the month of July and August. We apologize for the inconvenience.


I's never too late. Many of our members have been taking advantage of this free online education benefit. You too can earn an associate degree or certificate—for free! Pay nothing for tuition, fees, or e-books Open to eligible SEIU members and their families (Spouse, Domestic Partner, Children) .

Choose from several online programs offered by Eastern Gateway Community College EGCC welcomes anyone with a high school diploma or GED regardless of past academic performance.

Your college degree is within reach.

Federal, state, and employer grants don’t always cover the full cost of earning a degree online. SEIU is proud to partner with Eastern Gateway Community College to help eligible students fill the financial gap and earn a degree or certificate in: Accounting, Business Management (with a focus on Advertising, Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital and Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, Healthcare Management, Hospitality, Human Resources, Information Systems, Labor Studies, or Programming and Development)

also: Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, Individualized Study, Paralegal, Patient Home Navigator

Read our Frequently Asked Questions at or call 1-855-469-SEIU (7348) toll free to talk to an advisor.

To enroll in Eastern Gateway Community College and receive your SEIU Free College Benefit:

  1. Register or sign in to your SEIU Member account and click Get Started.
  2. Complete the online EGCC application.
  3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit any required verification. Any grant award must be applied to tuition, fees and e-book charges. EGCC’s school code is 007275.
  4. Verify that you have received a high school diploma or equivalent by having official transcripts sent to EGCC.


That’s it!

SEIU Free College Benefit covers the difference between any federal, state, or employer education grants you receive and the cost of tuition, fees, and e-books.

Eligible SEIU members and family members may also enroll in other online programs at EGCC such as Medical Coding, Health Information Management, IT, Fire Science and more, but students may be required to pay for the strict industry-recognized content for some courses. The Free College scholarship will apply to tuition and fees, saving students thousands of dollars.

Take the next step toward your future—apply now!

Cancellation of Functions

Many of you have been asking what are we going to do about the annual cook-out during this pandemic. Unfortunately, with the social distancing requirements we will not be able to have our annual cook - out this year. We care more about your health and the health of your families to risk having you participate in the cook - out. We pray that the world has gotten this COVID - 19 virus under control by next summer and we can come back together next year an gather as we are accustom to.

For the same reasons, we have also made the decision to forego the annual holiday party as well. We intend to continue with our holiday function in the future at Martin's Crosswinds, but for now they can not accommodate our crowd size and social distancing requirements.

We always look forward to these functions every year. They give us all an opportunity to get away from the workplace and fellowship with one another in a joyous manner. Time for us to just relax and not think about the job.

We know that we will all miss these activities, but it's the right thing to do. We look forward to joining in celebrations when the environment is safer for all. Continue to stay safe; wear your mask; and wash your hands after touching surfaces.