Essential 722 Workers

Brothers and Sisters of SEIU Local 722 The other day as I was reading the Washington Post and I read an article about “Risk Outweighs Respect In Some Front-line Jobs”. The article spoke about a car dealership that advertised discounts for medical workers battling the Corona-virus. I also hear on the news about people standing on their front porches and balconies clapping for the Doctors and Nurses that are front-line workers in this pandemic. As I hear, see, and read about the appreciation that the Doctors and the Nurses are getting, I start wondering what about the other front-line workers in the hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. How come they are not being recognized?

So I would like to take this opportunity to say to all of the front-line workers of SEIU, Local 722 Members, Thank you for your work as front-line workers. You are “Essential” to citizens that come into the facilities in which you work. The employer may not tell you, but Local 722 will tell you. You Are Essential. You are just as important as the Doctors and Nurses that are being celebrated in the media. Some of you may not be direct patient care providers, but you do play a pivotal role in taking care of the patients at your facility. Dietary: You are preparing the food for the patients, their family, staff and coworkers as well as for the Doctors and Nurses. Environmental Services: You are continually keeping the patient's rooms, clinic, hallways, public bathrooms, offices, etc. clean and pleasant to work in. Laundry: First they pick up the dirty laundry and then make sure that the facilities have clean sheets, towels, wash cloths, etc. You are vital to the process as well.

I also acknowledge those of you that actually do have patient contact. In many cases you come in contact before the doctors and nurses. You spend more time with the patient than the doctors and nurses. So you are truly “Essential”.

We have workers who register the patients/family members even before they are officially diagnosed with the virus. How “Essential” are our members that has to go into the room to care for the patients or even treat the patients? I am talking about are PCTs, Trauma Techs, Respiratory Therapists, Phlebotomists, Anesthesia Techs, Transporters, etc. just to name a few.

And if there are equipment issues, plumbing, heating, lighting etc. It’s our Biomed and Facilities Maintenance workers that might have to go into a COVID-19 room to repair the air conditioner, sink, stopped up toilet, etc.

I don't see, hear or read where people are saying thank you or we appreciate the work that is done by all of you. So I would like to take this opportunity to tell the front-line workers of SEIU Local 722 THANK YOU FOR THE WORK THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO DURING THIS COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!

By Orne Banks


Don't Let Corona Take You Out

The American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, and the American Nurses Association released an open letter Monday morning urging Americans to continue to take precautions during the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic as states reopen.

These include the "simple steps" of mask-wearing, maintaining social distance, and washing hands to stop the spread of the virus.

"… as physicians, nurses, hospital and health system leaders, researchers, and public health experts, we are urging the American public to take the simple steps we know will help stop the spread of the virus," the letter said.

So as we hear the President of the U.S. say it’s okay not to wear mask and hurry to open the economy, there are currently some states that have reopened and others that are in the process of reopening; however there are some states that are reversing their opened status.

The letter continued: "… in the weeks since states began reopening, some of the steps that were critical to the progress we made were too quickly abandoned. And we are now watching in real-time as a dramatic uptick in COVID-19 cases is erasing our hard-won gains.”

Moving forward, we must all remain vigilant and continue taking steps to mitigate the spread of the virus to protect each other and our loved ones. So follow the science and take the common sense approach; wear your mask; social distance; wash you hands. Help save lives, the live you save may well be your own.

Execising Humanity

Did you know Americans say that a smile or greeting from another would make them feel less stressed? A study shows that the majority of travelers (75%) say they've done something kind to make another traveler's day better. Just imagine if these kind gestures extended to the rest of society. Kindness also eases anxiety, which is usually already elevated when we are dealing with busy times like the summer season.

And that's particularly true during this pandemic we are going through. When there's so much uncertainty and fear going on, everyone should do their part to help us get through the tough times. Random acts of kindness can help.

It isn't just travelers who could be committing random acts of kindness as the stressful times are amongst us; even members of Local 722 can also show their charitable side. So spread the love.

One easy way to do it is; when you get a coffee, pay for the person behind you without letting them know. If you see someone coming in the door behind you, hold the door for them. Never know, they could be running a little late. Giving a smile or a simple greeting goes a long way in paying it forward. Just do it and see how it makes you feel. Sometimes you just may find yourself on the receiving end of such gestures.

How about paying a compliment to the first 3 strangers you see each day. Just saying hi to the person next to you on the elevator, or let someone go in front of you in line if they only have a few items. How about making sure everyone in a group conversation feels included. You encounter some of the same people in your daily routine. A simple kind gesture would be just learning their names and greeting them by name in the future. If we had poor lighting in the parking garage, would you ensure the safety of others or will you just go about your business? Humanity does still exist; the question is, do you exercise humanity?

I may not look like you. I may not speak like you. I may not enjoy the same television shows you are watching in the staff lounge. I may not have the same job classification as you. I may not work in your department. I may not have the same religious views or even political views as you do. I may not park where you park or ride the same shuttle as you. But humanity is something that I have and you should too.

I don’t think either of us has to go above and beyond. I don’t think either of us has to go the extra mile. I think that acts of kindness are great; however; just treating one the way in which you would like to be treated is the right thing to do. It’s the morale thing to do. It’s the humane thing to do. Is that not how you would want someone to treat you? Let’s ALL do what we can to make society a more just and humane place for everyone.



While we all have been enduring these unprecedented times of COVID - 19, society has been dealing with even more pandemics. The unrest on the streets of America is not the results of some new pandemic that's hit society. Systemic racism has pleaged America for over 400 yrs. People of African decent have been raising their voices all of our lives while the rest of society kept theirs closed for many different reasons (so they say). But with most of society armed with cell phones; the new age of social media and live streaming, real time displays of current information; compounded with people being quarantined due to COVID - 19, every member of society can see for themselves a taste of what the complaints are all about.

Many like minded individuals have seen for themselves what's happening and has been happening all these years and have hit the streets in protest of the brutality, cover - ups, and failed systems.

Calls for change however, is not limited to America. In many other countries across the world, like minded members of society see the injustices and have exercised their rights to let their voices be heard in solidarity of the injustices happening in America.

Is this the time for change? I say Yes. But will this be the time change happens? I don't know. Black people have been fighting for equality for as long as we have been in America. We still struggle with voter suppression, even though society say we already have that right. Many even say we should be happy since we have seen our first black President. And Dr. Martin Luther King spoke to the issue of police brutality in his "I Have A Dream" speech. Yet we still suffer brutality today at the hands of the police.

We can all agree that "SOME" although limited change has happened since the establishment of the Civil Rights Amendment. But more is necessary. And that which did change, didn't happen until like minded citizens from many nationalities joined together to force change. Elected officials had to be forced to change policies then and they need to be forced to change policies today also.

But as we can see, we don't have like minded officials in public office today. Most of us in society share more things in common than things we differ on. Society should be able to believe what they see and hear for themselves, but or officials ask you not to; or they say it's a hoax.

You saw a little concern by like minded politicians but no movement to change legislation after kids were killed in Columbine. Although like minded citizens protested and citizens took to the streets as a result of the Sandyhook shootings, there was no legislative change. We hoped for some major changes after our youth took to the streets demanding change after the Parkland shooting. Again, like minded citizens agree; however our politicians can't. Gun violence in America is just another pandemic that like minded citizens need to deal with at the ballot box.

Like minded citizens of all genders and nationalities took to the streets in support of the largest Women's Movement of our life time. As a result; this past midterm election proved what can happen when like minded citizens exercise their rights to vote. The largest influx of women were voted into the Congress. So as law biding citizens, we can all let our voices be heard at the ballot box.

But let me leave you with this. Don't just wait for the Presidential Election to vote. You need to participate in the process at you School Board, Home Owners Association, Police Chief, Sheriff, Circuit Court Judge, City Council, Mayor etc... You see these are the same people that rise to the higher levels of government. They set a tone in these lower levels that will show you how they will function with higher levels of power.

So each of us like minded individuals must get involved and stay engaged in the process in order to make a difference. Don't wait on the next pandemic to come along. If all of us stay engaged by consistently showing up and participating, we will make a difference.

If you are not registered to VOTE, simply go to or contact your board of elections. And so that we can ALL stay safe, avoid the long lines on election day; by requesting a mail - in ballot now.



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SEIU & THE Biden Ground Game

Service Employees International Union, which represents 2 million workers in health care, property services and the public sector, says it will launch a multi-language, 40-state, “Essential for Joe” voter-turnout campaign which aims to reach more than 6 million voters before the election.

SEIU’s endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden gives him a network of tens of thousands of volunteers and political organizers to boost his ground game. The union has plans to invest in a voter engagement campaign targeting infrequent voters of color in several battleground states.

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry serves on the Biden-Sanders unity task force on health care, helping shape the Democratic platform. The coalition called for raising wages for health care workers to $15 an hour and increasing diversity in the field. SEIU has also released a 2020 agenda that calls on candidates to expand workers’ access to unions, establish universal health care, reform the immigration system and address climate change.

Joe Biden is meeting the moment by making it crystal clear that investing in our nation's care-giving workforce is smart economics, as well as the morally right thing to do, because those jobs have been excluded historically [from labor protections], they're done by women and people of color and immigrants. Equal prosperity for people of color, women and immigrants are on the line.

Your Vote Is Necessary and Your Vote Counts