February 2021 Newsletter

Our wish has come true. Donald Trump was defeated in his bid to retain his presidency. But, the damage has been done. Even if you were a Trump supporter you have to admit that the social stability and consciousness of this country has taken a severe downturn. Systemic Racism still exists.

This became clearly evident when the Capitol Building was stormed by ardent Trump supporters and domestic terrorists.. I recall as a child watching on television as minorities and freedom fighters were being beaten and water hosed and attacked by police dogs during peaceful protests. I recently recall the Black Lady that was shot to death in her car, which included a baby inside, because she was driving erratically and too close to the vicinity of the White house.

I saw recently when Black Lives Matter protests were going on in Washington, D.C., the police force was out in full effect. In riot gear I must add. This also included the National Guard.

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