September 2020 Newsletter

It’s my Anniversary!! It has just dawned on me that by the time you receive this Newsletter I will have celebrated my 35th year anniversary with SEIU Local 722. I started my employment with the Local on September 5, 1985. It was my intention at that time to work for the Local no more than five (5) years. Like many of you that work at the hospitals I look up and realize that it has been seven (7) times that amount.

Before I get into disseminating information that I know you should have, I would like to take some time to thank the many of you that have supported me throughout my tenure and have put up with me during my highs and lows, accomplishments and mistakes and my general professional growth. I cannot count or name the numerous friends and associates that I have met, and especially those that just call me out of the blue to check on me. I really appreciate you all.

We are living in some turbulent times. Health Care crisis, COVID – 19, Social and Political unrest,

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