Aug 2021 Newsletter

It appears that we are still not understanding our rights to Union Representation. Therefore, I am reprinting an article that I wrote on this subject last year. A suggestion is that you take this from the newsletter and put it somewhere that you can always refer to it.

Union Representation

Every once in a while I find the need to remind you of your right to Union Representation. Especially when it comes to a meeting with your supervisor where you are being questioned and it could result in you possibly being disciplined. More and more, I find that our membership is attending meetings with Hospital management without requesting the presence of a Union Representative. Be it with Personnel, Employee Relations, your Supervisor or the Presidents of the Hospitals.

The right to request Union Representation is protected by what is called Weingarten. Weingarten is the result of a Supreme Court decision that states individual employees have the right under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to refuse to submit without union representation to an investigatory interview which the employee reasonably believes may result in disciplinary action.

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