August 2023 Newsletter – Issue 158

We can We will and We must stay focused on the path of Righteousness

We Can We Will & We Must hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Brothers and sisters of Local 722, I’m very concerned that at Washington Hospital Center and at Children’s National Hospital the “Time and Attendance” cases are rising tremendously. Yes, 85% of the write ups we are getting is for time and attendance. And the majority of them end in termination. And it’s things that are preventable. Please make yourself accountable for your own time and don’t put it in the hands of management. You know that you are scheduled to be at work on a certain day at a certain time, so BE THERE !!! Yes, we are aware that you have earned benefits that allow you a six (6) minute grace period. And you have a certain number of call outs and late arrivals. You have FMLA and sick & safe or ASSLA.

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