July 2023 Newsletter – Issue 157

We Can We Will & We Must : continue to strive for greatness !!

Hello brothers and sisters of Local 722. There are several market adjustments on the table at both Washington Hospital Center and Children’s National. Although these adjustments will not be for everyone, they will positively impact hundreds of our members.

Also, please be mindful that your next across the board pay increases go in effect the first full paycheck in July.

The union will continue to fight for equal pay and safe working conditions for everyone of our members. Please be mindful that “it’s a slow process and we are putting in the work”; and yes there are more market adjustments to come. Our goal is to reach as many job classifications as we can.

The union would like to give a great big shout out to Mr. James Lone (PCT) on 2D at the Washington Hospital Center. On June 9, 2023 many of you..

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