May 2023 Newsletter – Issue 156

We can We will and We must stay focused on the path of Righteousness

Summer time is here and I hope that everyone will have a chance to take some time off to enjoy your summer vacations with your family and friends. I pray that every mother enjoyed a great Mother’s Day and that each of you enjoyed spending quality time on this special day with you mothers. The “LOVE” for a mother shall never parish, whether they are here sitting at the table with you or sitting at the table with Jesus. I know that many of you have gotten the word that unfortunately there will be an increase in the union dues cap from $70 to $75. This is an extra $60 a year for some members (not everyone) which is still lower than the amount that they would be paying if there was not a cap. The cap on the maximum dues was put in place in 2004. That was the year the dues went from everyone paying the same flat amount of dues to a percentage of each members hourly rate of pay. The cap was supposed to increase every (3) three years since 2004, but it never did. Which means the cap has been in place with no increase for the past 19 years. Below is the formula that was put in place to calculate your dues:

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