June 2021 Newsletter

When you get this newsletter hopefully the pandemic will have subsided and the country will have reopened. The District of Columbia has already announced that it is planning to open up around June 12, 2021. Whether it is reopened or not, you should be congratulated on the dedication and work ethic that you showed during this time. You put your health and lives and the health and lives of your family on the line to assist, heal and protect those of us that were affected by the COVID-19 virus and other complications that arose from the virus.

You should be truly commended and you are the true heroes and heroines. Out of all of this we have your safety in mind. We want to remind you to make sure that you take all the precautions that are necessary and available to protect you and your family from illness and injury on the job.

All the PPE’s in the world will not help you if you do not use them faithfully and properly. If you are not given this protection that is when you should contact your Union Representative. We have a list of Union Representatives on bulletin boards at Children’s Hospital (Cafeteria) and the MedStar Washington Hospital Center (first floor near the bus circle).

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