May 2021 Newsletter

Currently we are in contract negotiations with the MedStar Washington Hospital Center. As we have done in the past, you can follow negotiations on our website SEIU.ORG. We post the proposals that we have given to the Hospital and we also post the proposals that the Hospital presents to us. Many of you do not understand as we ask for changes in the contract, the Hospital also asks for additions or subtractions to the contract. Usually it is a little give and take from both sides. Occasionally, you get to the point where you cannot get or give any more and that is when you, the member, becomes very important.

You become important because you have the last say so on what we accept as a contract. When the Hospital gives the Union’s Negotiation Committee what it believes is their last best offer, then the Negotiation Committee must bring that offer to you to vote on. This is called a ratification vote, or non ratification vote, depending on the outcome. The vote is done by secret ballot and we do what the majority of the voters decide. That is why it will be incumbent on you to vote and to keep up to date on what is happening.

You also become important because it is through you how we let the Hospitals know that we are together. If we call an action, such as Brown Bag Day, or wearing a specific color, then we will expect one hundred percent (100%) cooperation. There should not be any hesitation or trepidation. If you are asked by the Hospitals if you will participate in any action called by the Union, your answer should be a resounding YES.

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