October 2021 Newsletter

By now many of you are aware that our current President Dan Fields Jr. plans to retire. Mr. Fields came to Local 722 after serving at the SEIU International office for several years. He has been with Local 722 for 36 years. He has served as a Business Agent, Vice President, and President of our union.

Some of you may remember Mr. Fields for his dedication to the case he filed for you; or the arbitration he won for you; or the candy and / or flowers he gave to you. Maybe it was the hand dancing he shared with you; or his great shrimp. It may just be the Redskin wins and losses he shared with you. Who knows, it could be a good or bad experience you had with him.; but no matter what your experience was, you experienced Dan Fields being the true person he is.

Mr. Fields dedicated his time working for the members of Local 722. Like everyone else, he is not perfect. He dropped the ball a time or two; he lost some cases and made some risky decisions, but you can be assured that he tried to do the best he could for the members.

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