January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year to Everyone. I praise God for all of us that have made it to see another year. Many of our members, families, and friends were impacted by the pandemic and we must not forget those we lost along the way as we move forward.

We have survived a challenging year and now we are transitioning to what is still ahead of us. As with the box above turning over from 2021 to 2022, SEIU Local 722’s leadership is turning over as well. You had the opportunity to vote for your new leadership, so come out to the Membership meeting on January 15th (2 – 5pm) at WHC True Auditorium to support the newly elected officials of this organization.

The business of Local 722 is not over with an election. We have always and will always be committed to working on behalf of our members. Without you our members, there would be no Local 722. You make this organization what it is. Nothing that we have accomplished was easy and that won’t change. But all of the successes achieved by past leaders was with the support of the membership. We look forward to your support as we transition to our new group of leaders.

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