July 2022 Newsletter – Issue 147

Hello Brothers and Sisters of Local 722. Recently several newly elected Executive Board members attended the CBTU Conference in Los Angeles so they can get better acquainted with what the union is all about. Here’s a little something for you to know about CBTU.
Since the earliest days of this nation when democracy was built on racial exploitation, black workers have risked their lives to protect and empower their communities through agitation, collective action and faith. The Coalition of Black Trade Unionist proudly carries that tradition into the 21st century.
CBTU is a fiercely independent voice of black workers within the trade union movement, challenging organized labor to be more relevant to the needs and aspirations of black and poor workers. One of every five black workers (20%) belong to a union, and black union workers earn 40 percent more than non-union black workers. In the political arena, CBTU has leveraged the vast resources of unions to mobilize black voters to influence elections and public policy at every level of government. CBTU is an inclusionary organization that aligns itself with Civil Rights organizations throughout the world.

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