We Will We Must stay focused and continue to fight for justice. Hello brothers and sisters of Local 722, please pay attention to the union bulletin boards at both hospitals for upcoming events and dates such as: family day at the skating rink, local political issues and candidates who are running for positions in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and a day of fun in the sun as Local 722 head to the beach in Ocean City Maryland. Your leaders are still engaging the Washington Hospital Center trying hard to get more pay increases for our members. As you may know the hospital was committed to a certain number of equity reviews, however, Local 722 want more and we continue to push for more. This will not be an easy task, but we will continue to push trying to get as many equity adjustments as possible while the fire is hot. Our team at Children’s has started contract negotiations. We thank all of you who submitted your surveys, spoke to Executive Board members and/or Shop Stewards, or called the office before the negotiations got started. Our team and the lawyer has reviewed your concerns and drafted the proposals we think we can win a good contract with. Proposals have been submitted and the fight has begun. We need all of you to stand tall and strong in solidarity beside our negotiation team members as they fight for all of us. What happens for or against one of us, impacts all of us.

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